(Portal for correction of incorrect entries in the digitized Jamabandi register)

All the Raiyats / general public of the state Jharkhand are informed that Jamabandis of all 268 Anchals of the state have been digitized and made public on the Department's portal https://jharbhoomi.nic.in/ .Raiyats can view their Jamabandi from any corner of the world. Through Grievances/ complaint letters received in the department, it has been known that during the digitization of Jamabandis, in some Jamabandi inaccurate entries related to Raiyat name, Khata, Khesra, Rakba and Lagaan has been made, and in several Jamabandis details related to Khata and Khesra is missing. In the light of complaints of Raiyat's at the Circle level, the post-rectification is being carried out by the circle officer .

To speed up this work and facilitate the Raiyats, a portal has been developed by the department called Jharbhoomi Grievances (portal for correction of incorrect entries in the digitized Jamabandi register). Through this portal, a complaint can be filed online for correction of incorrect entries in the Digitized Jamabandi Register. The incorrect entries can be rectified by the circle Officer only after matching the facts of the complaints with the government records and through field investigation. Following are the documents required for correction of incorrect entries in the digitized Jamabandi register

Type of Rectification Required Document
a) Rectification in Raiyat name, Address
  1. Self attested copy of Order copy of Mutation case
  2. Self attested copy of correction slip
  3. Self attested copy of bhu-Lagaan receipt
  4. Self attested copy of Latest final Khatiyan(CS/RS)
  5. Self declaration in desired format
b) Rectification in Khata, Khesra, Chauhaddi and Rakba
c) Rectification in details related to Lagaan
d) Digitization of left out Jamabandis during computerization